me-recentRoger Bunch age 46, President and Co-Owner of Real Outdoor Adventures TV. Roger resides in Morgan County Tennessee and has been hunting and fishing all his life. Roger started Tennessee Outdoorsman in 2001 and in 2009 turned his attention to ROATV.

Roger is a proud father of three boys Michael age 19, Matthew age 9 and Markkus age 7. Michael is currently attending college for Natural resources and wildlife management.

Rogers skills are wide ranging including hunting, fishing, mushroom hunting, survival skills, mountain rescue and more. Rogers side company PowerSurge Media is responsible for the web design, logo work and much of the video graphics seen on the show.

In his own words:
“I always held a belief that if you hold a vision in your mind to be true it will eventually come to pass. Success is not reaching the top, it is the never ending pursuit of a goal. I began this endeavor in 2009 after a tragic hospitalization and I set a goal to see ROATV climb the ladder and now we are on that ladder. I will let no circumstances or obstacle stand in my way of making that happen. It has been a long hard road, Mitch and I have done all this by ourselves and from our own pockets. One day soon those who didn’t look our way will soon wish they had because we will be on the top looking down. We have so much drive and determination, if we had someone backing us like most of the big guys do we would already be blowing some of the big boys out of the water.”

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President, Co-Owner
Contact: 865-730-0715