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GET YOUR OWN OUTDOOR TV SHOWYes you read that right, you can get your own outdoor tv show on the Real Outdoor Adventures Network. Benefit from cross promotion, charge for your premium videos, gather a following and rake in some cash. Its not that far from reality.

There are three options as a producer. You can host your videos on our channel and earn a percentage of revenue generated by your media or we can set you up with your very own channel from which you can collaborate your videos onto our network and still earn revenue from them. Our third option is reserved for “Select Producers” who produce quality consistent content for ROATV. Can you be a select producer? its very possible, show us what you got !!
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Benefits of hosting on our channel:
When you get your own outdoor TV show, we promote your content as well as ours. Our other producers do the same. The beauty of networking is the power of cross promotion! Every person sent by one producer has the potential of seeing all content on our platform. Its like having a marketing team working for you.

We take care of the editing and technical details so you don’t have to.
Placement on our upcoming Roku App and any new platforms.
Hassle free, you just film we do the rest!

Options to get your own outdoor TV show are listed below. No contracts, no hassle, no time lines…. no worries. We make it easy from one video to 11 per month its up to you.


Package One: Premium Video
For those who want to have their content as part of our subscription package (premium video) and opportunity to earn revenue from their media are given special pricing. All video time purchased is online 24/7 365 days per year on demand streaming. No time slot restrictions no time frame restrictions. You produce at your leisure.

$50.00 per month for 11 ~ 30 minute shows per month maximum. Upload 1 or upload 11 its your call. This is a price you wont find elsewhere. Run your sponsors ads, advertise your website or products. You are free to run with it. That is just $4.50 per show
*Compare that to Hunt Channels 4 shows per month on time slot only @ $75 per week or $975 per 13 weeks on contract


Package Two: Open Video (Free)

$75.00 per month for up to 11 ~ 30 minute shows per month. $6.81 per show

This option is for those who simply want a show for exposure purposes. Invite your friends, followers and advertise as you wish. This option gives the everyday producer a chance to have a show on digital TV.
*Compare that to Hunt Channels 4 shows per month on time slot only @ $75 per week or $975 per 13 weeks on contract


Single One Time Video *Non Commercial
Just got one video you want seen? Not a problem, we will run it for you. Your show will go online and stay online 24/7 365 for one low price. Just upload and go.
$15.95 for one video up to 30 minutes in length.
Subscribe to the site for $9.95 and get one video per month every month!! plus be automatically entered into a monthly prize drawing coming soon.


Commercial Advertisement Pricing:

$25.00 for text and image ads on the website
$50.00 One to Three minute video placed on the platform individually.
$75.00 One minute video ad placed in video content (mid roll) one month
* Custom video of longer duration up to 30 minutes is accepted, contact us for price quote
*For pro staff shirt spots click here Pro staff shirts will be ordered by May 30th and will be worn at all ROATV *events as well as in certain video productions.
$125.00 (save $25.00) one to three minute video ad placed in mid roll of all video, text and image ads on the website, social media push on two different social media pages (real outdoor Adventures and Mitch Smith Outdoors) as well as all groups we use which totals around 750,000 people.

These prices are lower than newspaper ads !! How can you go wrong? Prices subject to change as we expand so hurry and get in now!

*Non commercial is defined as any video not intended for monetary gain excluding sponsor advertisement and may not offer a product for direct sale to the public.

So what are you waiting for? We are making it so easy for you to get your own outdoor TV show,  Get in touch with us today and let us make you a star!
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