Erin McNeal

erinErin McNeal, age 43, Marketing and sales manager for Real Outdoor Adventures, Erin manages most of the go to stuff when it comes to promoting to other business owners and product suppliers. Erin also serves in the production field producing both hunting and survival video.

Erin’s vast knowledge of survival skills is extremely beneficial in relation to our recent move into the survival industry. Erin has a solid background in business ownership, sales and marketing.


A Word from Erin,
“My Uncle Frank started teaching me at 3 years old fishing canoeing and archery. As I got older fishing and hunting we’re very prominent in my early teenage years. One other thing my uncle taught me was respect of the land and ways to live off the land. Now my interests are hunting fishing hiking camping target shooting etc. Family is very important with me as well as I strive to teach my children the lessons that my uncle had taught me.”


Manager of sales and marketing
Phone: 931-544-0136