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Real Outdoor Adventures Goes Cable

Hive-105-smallThat’s right ! Real Outdoor Adventures TV is going back on local cable. Recent talks with Oneida Cable Channel 4 which is the home of Hive 105 FM has proved fruitful. Soon the show will be airing portions of East Tennessee and Kentucky. Real Outdoor Adventures is pleased to have this working partnership with Oneida cable and we are looking forward to working with them. You will be able to view our show via their live stream on their website.

More details as it comes in.

Survival Combat Training

Survival Combat Training

Survival Combat TrainingROATVs newest producer Mr. Kurt Howland, founder of Real World Krav Maga” self defense system. Kurt brings you survival combat training to protect yourself in urban attacks or in any survival situation.  New videos released once every 2 weeks. Keep watch for more of Kurt’s instructional video. A must for those wanting to learn to protect themselves in urban combat or survival situations. Kurt teaches you to use the opponents own force to counter attacks. Its easy to master because its all natural moves. In upcoming videos you will learn to use weapons and strategy to improve your chances in the event of an attack on you or your family. Be prepared! You cant afford to miss this information. In today’s world of terrorists attacks, crazed gunmen and street thugs you need to have every defense opportunity at your disposal. Krav Maga IS that opportunity.

Subscribe  now using coupon code “ROATV60” for a six month 60% discount ($5.98 per month). Tons more instructional video on the way including wilderness survival and effective combat weapons training.!!

All subscriptions are entered into a prize drawing once we hit ten subscribers, prize to be announced this week so keep watch !!

~Real Outdoor Adventures~

Start Your Own Outdoor Show


For many people its a fantasy or at least it has been. Now you really can get your own outdoor show. Real Outdoor Adventures has a new and unique platform that allows an individual to submit his shows to the network to be ran either as free video or as subscription.

Yes you can have an opportunity to earn revenue from your outdoor show.

Here is how it works.

Option One:
We maintain the channel, you submit content. If you submit subscription content then each month we do a review of all videos and using internal tracking we determine which videos perform best and pay that producer according to the percentage rate. Produce quality content and you can earn good money. This method is priced according to the amount of minutes you submit to us. Pricing is .15 cents per minute so for $4.50 you can run a 30 minute show 24/7 365 days per year on demand. We challenge you to find any other place where you can run a show for $4.50 AND earn revenue !! We handle banners, editing if needed, licensing for music and we cross promote along with you to gain the most exposure possible.

Option Two:
Option two is a more direct approach for those who want full control over their media and own their own channel. We are agents for the media platform in which our show airs. We can arrange for you to have your very own channel, you control the uploads, you manage video, prices, subscriptions, banners etc. You get 300 minutes free and only .10 cents per minute after that (in blocks of 500). This is a good option for those wanting to do their own thing and who have their own editors and promotional teams.
* Option two requires a non-disclosure agreement and collaboration agreement.

Most other places charge you $75 bucks or more (per show) and often you find yourself held to strict time lines, guidelines, contracts and more only to find out you don’t fully control your show. You don’t get to decide when it airs or you only get so many episodes in a certain time frame. Not at ROATV, with us your video goes online, stays online, streams when your customer wants it and it does so year round. Sure YouTube is still free and its a good way to advertise but does it pay you? Its takes a crazy amount of views to make even a dollar. If it took 1000 views on YouTube then imagine if those 1000 viewers just paid you one dollar for your video? That cocept my friend is what ROATV is all about.

Why have we chosen to go “Network” ? well its simple, the more people we have involved, the more we all grow as a team. Cross promotion is the keyword here. While we are small now we certainly have the sky as the limit. If we get 20 producers reaching 5000 people per day on social media then collectively we just advertised to 100,000 viewers!

now let’s clear up a misconception that most people have when it comes to a TV program or web TV for that matter.  That misconception is that they are going to receive and massive audience for a small amount of money.  This is known as the “numbers game”. Everyone seems to want to ask “what are the numbers?”.  Well the numbers are what you make them.  You can either advertise all day long or you can advertise for five minutes and your result will be directly related to your advertising effort.

So the key element here in is advertise advertise advertise. if each producer spends at least 10 minutes a day effectively promoting just their show alone, then each producer will effectively Cross promote for every other producer all the platform and vice versa. 20 producers at 10 minutes a day is equal to 3 hours of direct promotion. This my friend can mean massive exposure in the long run.

Many people come into this business thinking someone will “Buy” their show, well that is far from the truth and most major producers will tell you that. It in fact costs thousands to get your show on a brand name channel and that is if you even make it past the screening process. Then you have to worry about sponsors, deadlines, criteria etc. Not at ROATV, we don’t fool with that stuff. We keep it simple.

Some will tell you your show will be on Roku with a 15 million user reach. Sure 15 million people have Roku but do 15 million watch outdoor sports? In reality the only way people will know you are on Roku is via advertising. So when you come into this industry, expect to do some leg work. Nothing in the outdoor industry is handed to you but with collective effort and effective promotion you could find yourself climbing that ladder.

The best way to sum it all up? Where else will you get an opportunity to air a show, gather an audience and have a potential for income at just $4.50 per show? No where, you can only find it right here at ROATV. Contact us today and let us help you get started.

New Opportunities for Producers

get-your-own-outdoor-tv-show-2Yes indeed we have some new opportunities for producers coming very soon. We have been in talk with a new video platform which is much like a mix of YouTube and Netflix. This new opportunity will offer you the ability to run your own channel, monetize your video and be a part of a growing network.

YouTube users who don’t want to invest in getting a show will find this a very good option. Of course the revenue option will be different but that does not mean its not there. On this new system you will be able to run your own ads, your sponsors and promote your own website as you see fit. You can still run some of your videos free for viewers just as you do with YouTube. More details to come as we begin the process of closing this deal.

Feel free to contact us with questions and come aboard and be part of building the biggest outdoor video network online.

Why NOT to use YouTube


We see tons of video on YouTube and we see some awesome video on YouTube but what we don’t see on YouTube is people making real money for their efforts.  Video is hard to produce and takes a lot of time. Why put all that effort into doing such great video and not make some money from it.

Our video platform offers you the every day producer an opportunity to earn from your time and efforts put into that great video.  Got a good how to video? sell it for $9.95 or toss it in a subscription package and gather followers. You could find yourself making up to $1500 or more a month. Some producers are earning up to $19,000 a month!

Its not that far from reality. People today are looking for good quality how to video, hunting videos, fishing, survival instruction and more. Isn’t it time you get a slice of the pie? Isn’t it time you stop doing all this work for free? If you are like us then your answer is yes.

You see YouTube does not pay you per views as most people think. It pays only when people engage with an advertisement. This might mean it will take one million views in order to get $1,000 but if you offered that same video for just $1 cents and got those same one million views then you would have earned  one million dollars. Ok lets be realistic, you probably wont earn one million but your as heck will earn a lot more than on YouTube.

Can you get 100 followers for $6.95 per month to watch your content? If so then you just bagged $695 bucks a month. We can help you set up your own channel and even let you collaborate your videos onto our network for double the exposure or we can do it all for you for just $80.00 per month. Stop wasting your time on YouTube and start earning from your video. Send us an inquiry here

Get Your Own Outdoor Show

Hello guys, Roger here with Real Outdoor Adventures TV, The Survival and Outdoor Network. I have had a lot of people ask me what kind of plans do we have so I will try to lay out a few here. First of all I want to say our goal is a multi-genre video network, one stop solution for all. Hunting, fishing, ATV you name it. If its outdoors we want to see it here.

With the idea of having such a variety will come cross promotion. With each producer advertising their shows, they will in turn help grow the network. Toss in all the outfitters who can come to us for testimonial video and you have a buffet of outdoor material.  We already have several producers working on new material, 22 shows already in our own corner with more to come. VP Outdoors will be featuring their 3 part Amazon Survival Series along with much more.

Now how will all this help the average Joe? Well for the price of a newspaper ad you can get your own show seen online. Just look around, you will find other places charging hundreds for this even thousands. For just $80.00 per month you can run up to (13) (50 min) videos. Not only do you get your own show but if you produce quality consistent footage you can find yourself earning $$$$ for that video. Who else does that for so little?

We have tons more plans but of course we cant spill all of our eggs just yet. We still have a few steps to go. We are building the train track the outdoor video divide, the question is will we see you on the other side? Get on board now before that train leaves! If you are interested simply fill out this form to get started.

Real Outdoor Adventures



Real Outdoors is an online video platform catering to the outdoor industry. Not just hunting or fishing, not just hiking or biking but to kayaking, scuba, mushroom hunting, survival, ATV and more. We have plans to cover anything outdoor related, in fact we have already started on those plans. Think Netflix but for the outdoor industry
* No affiliation with Netflix suggested.

Our unique platform allows producers who have drive and desire to actually profit from their work. No more days of YouTube and needing one million hits for ten dollars. Our platform pays nice percentages. Do a good job, help promote your work and you could find yourself easily making this a full time job.

You supply products or a service? Well here is a good place to advertise that product or service. We offer commercial spots for lower than you can get a newspaper ad. With hundreds of thousands of views on social media our network is destined to follow and once we reach Roku, well the sky is the limit!