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The importance of having an all purpose emergency survival kit.
Host Erin McNeal goes over the items you will need and explains why you need them.
Host Erin McNeal explains the importance of having an all purpose emergency survival kit, going over each item and explains why you will need it.

Host Roger Bunch and his son Matthew demonstrate a basic fire starting kit and discusses the importance of being able to produce fire in a survival situation.


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We all know its a dog eat dog world out there. When push come to shove it becomes every man for himself, but the big question is, are you ready? Most people think they are ready when in fact they are not. Real Outdoor Adventures is bringing together several survival experts ranging from the outdoor survivalist to trained military. Our goal is to make sure you know what to do when you come face to face with the “What if” scenario.

Survival situations vary greatly. Some think in terms of global apocalypse while others may think terrorist strikes but in reality they can range from a simple hiking accident to a full blown world crisis. The cold hard truth is, we never know at any given moment the dangers that lurk around the corner. The key is to be prepared!. Follow us on our social media networks below to stay informed of new content, videos and tutorials.